Monday, October 4, 2010

Here .. for you , for you and for you . Happy ?

The Ayodhya verdict was delivered in exactly the same way elders would resolve family issues in India.
i.e ensuring that there is compromise from each party and keeping the future in mind.
Dont think that a legal course in any other country would end in each party having to share the land they were fighting for.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wasnt it nice of her..

Last friday I was alone in my cubicle at around 9 PM , slogging on a defect fix. Someone had switched of the cubicle fan . After 6 the AC is switched off in our office and ceiling fans are to be used. I just wanted to be done with the fix soon and going all the way across the room to switch on the fan seemed too much of a trouble . So I was sitting there , fighting the discomfort , trying to get my code to work when R passed by. She was done for the day and waved me a bye . I smiled a bye and sat back to complete the work when I felt the fan start . I looked up. It was R. Nice to have such teammates around.