Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bombay Chopsticks

I don't remember having laughed till my sides ached in the recent past. Last week there have been a couple of hilarious situations but today when SN got a fortune cookie that said " You need to enhance your feminine side" I was in splits. Everyone ROFL'ed for a while. What kind of a fortune is that!

And hey , I was quite good with the chopsticks. It isn't that difficult after all. But I couldn't pull out the ice cube from my lime soda as SM challenged.

That lime soda was another fun part. As with all things in US , simple lime soda also has complicated options. There is lime soda and there is this lemon soda. The two taste quite different. Lime soda was what we ordered and we got a very bland carbonated lime juice. Lemon soda was more like it.

As the name Bombay Chopsticks indicates, cuisine was a mixture of Indian and Chinese. Starters were very good. But the gravy accompanying the main course wasn't that great. Didn't matter though. The starters made us quite full.The dessert was also great. Lychee Toffee was yum. So was the banana toffee that SN ordered.

There was so much of main course left uneaten at the end that I am sure I ll see it on our office lunch table on Monday.

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