Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Here and there

As a child I did not travel much ,hell I did not travel at all . The only summer holiday retreats were my cousins place 4 miles away and my grand aunts place 10 miles away. Bangalore was the only other city I had set foot on till I joined engineering college. I vaguely remember wanting to visit 'foreign' places , but there wasn't much of a craving to move out of Mangalore.Home was the most happening place on earth - spending time with family was the most fun thing to do , and still is.It was good to have had both parents around at home all the time for most part of my life along with a guardian of an uncle. A dog and few cats completed the picture. There wasn't a dull moment at home. The last decade in general and the past 3 years in particular took me places. Starting with the awesome trip to Kigga falls in Shimoga , the first memorable trip with friends. Then Mysore , Coorg , Chitradurga , Munnar , Wayanad , Kochi , Tiruvalla , Chikmaglur , Karwar , Sakleshpur , Chennai , Chicago , New York , Vegas , Arizona ,followed by that awesome Ladakh tour with Delhi thrown in for a good measure. And now Switzerland.

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